Lodge St Peter History


 Previous Masonic Lodges in Galston.

 Lodge Cessnock Kilwinning 

Chartered by Lodge Mother Kilwinning 21st January 1748.

 Lodge St Peter No.172.

Chartered 23rd November 1772.

Referred to as St. Patrick in 1807.

Erased from Roll of Grand Lodge in 1816.

 Lodge St Peter No.331.

Chartered 1st August 1831.

Dormant in 1836.

                                                                      Reponed in 1869


The first recorded Minute is Dated :- Galston, 23rd March 1869.

A Meeting was held in the “Portland Arms Hotel” with the view of forming a “Masonic Lodge”. There follows a list of brethren who had subscribed money for the purpose of obtaining a Charter with the understanding that the various amounts would be repaid when the Lodge is in a financial position to do so. John Yeudall; John Murdoch; William Rankin; Thomas Stewart; Gilbert Steel; John Robertson;  George Meikle; Robert Torrance; James Shearer, Robert McLean; Andrew Falconer; Allan Caldwell. Sum amounted to was £10 10/- (Ten Guineas). A further collection from William Rankin; John Murdoch; Thomas Stewart; J. W. Lyon; and John Yeudall amounting to £2 4/- was to be sent to Brother David Murray Lyon to defray his expenses for obtaining Charter No.331 according to the wishes of the brethren.

 30th March 1869. The following brethren were elected as office-bearers:-

John Murdoch, RWM;

William Symington, Dep. M.;

Andrew Falconer, Senior Warden;

William Rankin, Junior Warden;

Thomas Stewart, Treasurer;

James Shearer, Secretary;

John Robertson, Senior Deacon;

Robert McLean, Junior Deacon;

George Meikle, Inner Guard;

William Aitken, Tyler.


28th April 1869. The colours of the Lodge regalia were to be:-  Aprons --- white mounted with red; Sashes --- Blue; Ribbons for jewels --- Crimson.

 25th June 1869. A Meeting was held in the RWM’s house. 5 men were proposed and seconded then Admitted in to the 1st Degree of Masonry. Lodge then called to refreshment for a reasonable time then closed in the usual form.

 8th July 1869. 5 more men were Admitted to the 1st Degree.

 16th July 1869. 9 brethren Passed and Raised to Degree of Master Mason.

 6th October 1869. A deputation from Newmilns Lodge was present.

 13th October 1869. It was agreed to pay the Tyler 20/- annually for convening Meetings etc…  The brethren also revised their Bye-laws

26th December 1878. Brother William Symington was presented with gifts in appreciation of services rendered since the resuscitation of St Peters.

Friday 4th September 1886. A Special Meeting was held to discuss a proposal to have a New Masonic Hall. It was desirous to hold meetings apart from a Public House. Brother Robert Torrance PM has offered to turn the top flat of his property in Henrietta Street into a Hall, at his own expense, if the Lodge took a lease of it for 6 years at £8 per annum. Brother James Arnott, tenant of the Tavern below, offered to take a sub-lease of the Hall, when not required by the Lodge, for 1 year at a rent of £5. The RWM explained that although the Hall was connected to a Public House it had its own separate, external entrance. Brother Arnott, Tyler, was invited in to the Meeting to confirm the statements made regarding the offer. There being no dissenting voices it was agreed to proceed.

 Wednesday 18th November 1891. Brother Hugh Richmond informed the Brethren that he intended giving up that part of the Old Barr Castle which he used at present as a store, and that he thought it would be a very suitable place to hold our Lodge Meetings and suggested that we should try and secure it for that purpose. The Brethren being of the same opinion, they instructed the RWM and several others to go and examine the place and report back to the next Meeting. [Brother Hugh Richmond was a Manufacturer in Galston, aged 50 years when he was Initiated in March 1891.]

14th February 1894. Bro. Hugh Richmond, Substitute Master, acquainted the brethren on the outcome of the visitation to J. H. Turner. This resulted in an offer of a lease of the Old Barr Castle, as a Lodge Room, for 10 years at a rental of £2 yearly. Brother Turner also promised a subscription of £25 or £30 to assist in putting the place in order and seemed very anxious that the Lodge should accept his offer. Brother Holburn informed the brethren that the probable cost would amount to about £130. Brother James Young moved, and Brother Robert Nisbet seconded, the acceptance of Brother Turners offer. Brother John Dunkeld and Brother Hugh Brown moved that the Lodge does not accept the offer. 23 voted for acceptance with 8 against. A committee was then drawn up to arrange the necessary finance.

 21st February 1894. It was agreed to enrol His Grace the Duke of Portland as an Honorary Member of the Lodge.

August 1894. The Secretary intimated that he had received permission from PG Secretary to remove from the Portland Arms Hotel to the New Lodge Room. It was agreed that the Lodge furniture be removed on Saturday 25th August at 4 o’clock. He was instructed to communicate with PG Secretary to ascertain a date suitable to the RWPGM for the Consecration of the New Lodge Room. Lodges No.51 and No.109 to be invited to attend. £20 was voted out of the Lodge Funds towards the expenses of the New Lodge. Secretary also to order 60 chairs from Mr Robertson, Glasgow.

From now on all future Meetings to be held in the Barr Castle.

 5th September 1894. Lodge agreed with PG Lodge on Saturday 15th September at four o’clock for the Consecration of the New Lodge.

Saturday 15th September 1894. Consecration of the New Lodge followed by the Annual Visitation of Provincial Grand Lodge. The brethren met in the Lodge rooms at 3:30pm. Bro. the Hon. Thomas Cochrane RWPGM Opened the Lodge in the 1st Degree with brethren from PG Lodge occupying the respective offices. The Lodge was raised to the 2nd and 3rd Degrees. After prayer by Bro. the Rev William Lee Ker, RWPG Chaplain, the Ceremony of Consecrating the new Lodge was proceeded with. 

25th August 1902. PG Lodge granted permission for the Lodge to take in Procession in connection with the Burgh Band on Saturday 30th August. It was agreed to write to LKN 51 and Burns St Mary No.505 to join them Meeting to commence at 1:15pm in the Barr Castle. Dress—Round Hats, White Tie and Gloves.

 17th September 1902. Brother Grier, SW, who was one of the Lodge representatives on the Gala Day Committee, reported that he had been asked by the Provost, Councillors and Band Committee, to return their thanks to them for their support and attendance at that function. (30th August).

20th March 1903. The RWM intimated that Brother David Blair, St Peters No.331, had the Mark Master Degree conferred on him on Saturday 14th March in Thistle Lodge No.127

6th January 1904. It was proposed and seconded that the office-bearers sign Petition for Darvel Brethren to enable them to Open a Lodge in Darvel and receive Charter from Grand Lodge.

25th August 1906. Last Minute recorded in first Minute Book which was the Annual Visitation of PGL.


The above information has been extracted from the Minute Book by

Brother Archibald Chalmers, PM 127, PM 1386, PM 1705, PPGM of Ayrshire, Honorary Member Lodge St Peter 331 and is reproduced with his permission.