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Tue, 12th April 2022, 7:54am (Sun, 4th December 2022, 7:54am UTC+5665)

On Monday 4th April 2022, 16 Derbyshire Freemasons, representing the 4 lodges of Cestrefeld 3889, Royal Alfred 1028, Cavendish Lodge 3055 and Hardwick 2373, visited Barr Castle in the village of Galston in Ayrshire.

We were met and shown around by the brethren of St Peterís Lodge 331 where the history of the keep was begun on the ground floor and given in a manner that took us back to the time of the Lockharts, dating back to 1287, builders of the castle.

The story continued into the lodge on the second floor. This was an experience in itself and carried not only the fascinating ancient minstrels gallery, the array of working tools but a highly prized set of carved chairs in the east.

Thinking it could not get any better, the items in museum on the top floor were ably explained by the curators. Carrying not only Masonic artefacts including the silverware of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Ayrshire but items reflecting the past lives of both Galston and Ayrshire.

Great visit and thank you all

George Carruthers